O.P. Agromark S.L.

O.P. Agromark S.L.

Casa Lugar Nuevo, 65. Dolores de Pacheco – 30739 Torre Pacheco (Murcia)

The largest producer of brassicas

In 1984, the Doménech family began exporting brassicas, namely cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and other plants from the same family, to major supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. Today, the Agromark Producer Organization, stemming from those beginnings, is one of the largest producers of organic brassicas in Spain. Additionally, it adds to its offerings other products grown in the Murcia region’s vegetable gardens.

Agromark’s history is characterized by its internationalization spirit, with the ability to export to a market like the British one, meeting the demands of its consumers. It also stands out for its positive influence on local farmers. Throughout these years, Agromark has collaborated with its “neighbors” to produce part of what is marketed, contributing to the economic development of the region and promoting organic planting techniques in soils particularly relevant to the sector in Spain.

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