Calle Alemania, Nº2, Buzón C-57, Puerto Lumbreras, 30890, Murcia
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Dedicated to the agricultural sector

Uniagry Iberica S.L is the ideal partner as a distributor of agricultural supplies for various crops in the Southwest of Murcia and North of Almería. The company is led by CEO and founder Javier Amorós Mira, who brings over 35 years of experience in the industry. Uniagry Iberica S.L is dedicated to establishing a business model focused on providing high-quality products that ensure the health and optimal growth of your crops, contributing to efficient and sustainable production through close relationships, expert advice, and farmer loyalty.

In a society increasingly concerned about the food we consume and a market where producers are uniting to improve their positions in response to demand, distribution must adapt. Our mission is to be recognized for our quality, innovation, and commitment to three key initiatives: “Agenda 2030,” “From Farm to Table,” and the “Green Deal.” These initiatives aim to promote sustainable development, ensure food security, and protect the environment, while encouraging sustainable production and consumption through zero-residue products, with a focus on proximity, sustainability, environmental stewardship, and the optimization of natural resources.

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