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Broccoli scramble with ham and egg

Few dishes are more helped than a scrambled egg with what we want to add: vegetables, ham, spices… The combination with broccoli obviously we're passionate about. We have fallen in love with this recipe that scrambled broccoli with ham and egg proposed by Angelica Aragon, pharmaceutical and nutritionist, on his Instagram profile, and that we shared with you.

As a curiosity, and fact that ends up stealing our hearts, is that the dish in the photo was destined for his two-year-old, passionate about our beloved vegetable. Although children are often believed not to like vegetables, the truth is that this depends on many factors: what we eat, how we cook vegetables, whether we maintain a healthy relationship with food, whether they spend a streak in which they like some things or others… The fundamental thing: not to overwhelm and offer without forcing. Never, ever, force a child to eat. There aren't many more secrets with infant feeding.

We tell you how you can make this scramble of broccoli with ham and egg at home. Here we go!

What we need

1 broccoli
2 eggs
Chopped Serrano ham
Get out to taste (optional)

How we do it

We cook the broccoli in papillote in the oven for 15 minutes. It can also be steamed or microwaved. Afterwards, we smother the broccoli with the eggs and chopped ham in a frying pan. Let's eat!

Adding some spices to the dish can give it an original touch. Pepper and nutmeg can be fantastic allies. Do you try it?

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