Our friend Bruno, of @bbnutricion, always has simple and delicious proposals to offer. This time we have fallen in love with a very simple sautéed broccoli, which is not by simple is less appetizing. "Easy, fast and healthy. Surround yourself with healthy options in your kitchen, fridge or pantry," Bruno

Today we are going to talk about an extremely important mineral for our body that sometimes goes unnoticed in relation to plant consumption, since it is traditionally associated with dairy. This mineral is calcium, extremely important in the formation and optimal maintenance of our bones. In fact, your intake becomes much

Potassium is a much-needed mineral in our body when it comes to properly fulfilling many of its usual functions. In addition, potassium is considered as a type of electrolyte, so it becomes an indispensable element even more so during post-physical recovery, as there is a significant loss of mineral salts

Surely you already knew that the consumption of vegetables, vegetables and plant-based foods in general is associated with a large number of health benefits. Within this broad group of foods, there is a variety of vegetables called cruciferous plants or vegetables with an important role in maintaining optimal health, even