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Why does broccoli turn yellow?

Broccoli is a fresh food and therefore perishable. Since its shelf life is limited, we must consume it when before or freeze it if we are not going to cook it in the days after its purchase. But, do we know how we should choose it to take home the one in the best condition? How long should we consume it? What does it mean to turn yellow?

Lets start by the beginning. When taking it home, it is recommended that the piece that we select be a glossy piece, of a uniform intense green color, that is not beaten or damaged. When we get home we must keep it in the fridge without washing it previously. This is important as washing it can anticipate its deterioration. Better if we cover it with plastic wrap and if we have it in the vegetable drawer. No more.

Now the million dollar question: in how many days should we consume it? The ideal is not to leave it beyond five days since, after that time, it begins to turn yellow. When this happens it means that the time has come to use it without further delay since there is a progressive deterioration of the food, and with it the possibility of the gradual growth of microorganisms.

Therefore, if when we buy it we are not going to consume it, it is advisable to freeze it, so we make sure that it will not turn yellow or spoil. To do it correctly we must blanch it for about three minutes. Then, once cold, we put it in a freezer bag and that’s it. To use it we can do it directly frozen, and for any type of preparation.

How can we prepare broccoli before it starts to spoil? Well, there are a lot of simple recipes that you can take advantage of! On our website we show you different ways of cooking it every week. Here we summarize some:

  • Boiled. We cut the florets and wash them. Then we put them in boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. They should be “al dente” and not balndos to enjoy a better flavor.
  • Baked. We put the broccoli flowers and the stalk cut into sticks in an oven-safe tray and a splash of olive oil and salt. 20 minutes at a medium temperature will be enough. We can add spices to taste: pepper, basil, oregano, parsley …
  • Raw in salads or couscous. This way of cooking requires a more thorough washing if possible to avoid poisoning, but it is worth it both for its taste and its properties.
  • Grilled. In this case, it is better to cut the slices. Then, we cook in a pan with olive oil for 5 minutes. A little bit of iodized salt and spices and that’s it. Easier, impossible.
  • In creams, purees or soups … Especially it is ideal to consume frozen broccoli.

What do you do when broccoli turns yellow? How do you keep it when you get home?