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Broccoli pancakes

We love discovering new recipes for cooking broccoli. From Divina Cocina we are offered broccoli pancakes and two varieties of cheese that combine beautifully. With the amounts mentioned below come about 12 pancakes; so it would be nice for 4 people. Are you encouraged to prepare them? Here we go!

What we need

  • 500g broccoli trees
  • 75g Emmental grated cheese
  • 125g fresh cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon fine breadcrumbs (or something else if necessary)
  • Medium small onion, very thinly chopped
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Optional: Half a teaspoon garlic powder and 1 pinch ground cumin
  • Olive oil or butter for the pan
  • To accompany you you will do very well a yogunesa or a simple homemade fried tomato sauce.

How we do it

  1. To start, you have to chop the broccoli trees very finely and rawly. They have to look like thick flour. You don't mind if any bits get bigger, so the pancakes will have more texture. To save time we recommend that you pass the broccoli trees through a chopper or a thick grater until they have that point. We also chop the onion by hand or machine very finely.
  2. Put a bottom of oil in a frying pan and smother the onion for a minute. Add the broccoli and skip another couple of minutes. It doesn't have to be done completely, just to bury a little and enhance its flavor. If we see that broccoli has released some water, we drain it from the pan carefully. This sauté must be dry.
  3. Out of the heat we add the rest of the ingredients: salt and pepper, grated cheese, fresh cheese hand-crushed with a fork, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. If you want more flavor, give it a point of garlic powder and ground cumin. There's got to be a dry, moldable-looking paste left. Add more breadcrumbs if necessary, but never more than a couple of tablespoons.
  4. Try the dough to check the salt and spice point.
  5. We put oil to heat in a frying pan or iron. With oil-oiled hands, we form balls and crush them, shaping pancakes about a centimeter thick.
  6. Brown the pancakes for about two minutes on each side in the pan, until crisp on the edges.


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