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The Association to Promote the Consumption of Broccoli (+ BROCCOLI) was founded in 2010 as a non-profit organization, with the main purpose of increasing the consumption of broccoli (a vegetable scientifically named Brassica olercea L. var. Italica Plenck). It brings together farmers, marketers, researchers, nutritionists, restaurateurs and all those related entities and people interested in spreading that any product from a crop of said species, even processed in any of its forms, can provide enormous healthy benefits, while constituting delicious food.



We develop and promote the image of the Association around the message “Enjoy the + healthy.”



We inform and disseminate the way to cook broccoli so that its consumption is nutritious and pleasant, at the same time, for all tastes.



Collect and disseminate the scientific information that supports the nutritional and healthy properties of broccoli, as well as its proper conservation, preparation and consumption.



We collaborate in training actions and nutritional and culinary education for citizens.


Toalla brocoli

Promote debate, training, communication and public opinion activities around broccoli and its consumption.